Winter Car Buying Tips: Benefits of a Pre-Approved Car Loan in the Colder Months

Winter is right around the corner with the warm festivities of Thanksgiving and the start of great car deals. A lesser-known fact amongst car buyers is that the winter season is one of the best times to purchase a car. Early winters are the time when dealers try to clear the inventory of the current year before moving into a New Year.

With less than two months to the close of the year 2020, huge discounts and great car deals are on their way to you. However, the best way to make the most of buying a car in the cold season is to get a pre-approved auto loan.

Why get a Pre-Approved Car Loan this Winter Season?

The power of a pre-approved car loan deal at the end of the year is a road to savings. Let’s find out how:

1. Simplified Car Buying Process

A pre-approved auto loan helps you in more ways than one. You step into the dealership with clarity on the budget, the available car options you can choose from, and the payments that you will be making. Many times, you may overspend on a car when you do not have a clear picture of how much you can afford to pay. However, a pre-approved auto loan will simplify your budget, payments, car options, and your choice to shop around to see who gives you the best winter car deal.

2. Powerful Negotiation

The pre-approved auto loan is the fundamental element of car buying in the winter months. You can negotiate your way to a great interest rate and overall cost-effective car deal with the help of a pre-approved auto loan. In the cold months, when the footfall is less, dealerships are under pressure to close car deals. A pre-approved auto loan will become the offer that a dealer will have to accept if they wish that you purchase the car from their dealership.

3. Easy Approval

A pre-approved car loan means that you tick all the right boxes for car buying, and you are creditworthy. An individual who shops with a pre-approved car loan deal is going to ensure a faster buying process. Moreover, the presence of a good credit score and co-signer can make a big difference in obtaining your new car. Also, you can take the help of online auto financing companies to get the best winter car loan deal. Once you have a great offer in hand, you can negotiate with the dealer to ensure the reduced price of the car.

A Snowy Guide to Win your Next Car

The benefits of a pre-approved car loan are not just in getting a new car but managing your savings as well. Winter months are the right time to strike a great car deal as dealers will offer more incentives to you. Also, they will be eager to make a sale and earn more commission! So, make the most of the car buying process during the winter months and get your favorite car home.

How to use a gold loan?

At times the banks also help people in times of financial distress when their income has significantly reduced or they are going through a phase of virtual unemployment, the banks help people by providing cash loans and tiding over the crisis in their lives. The most secure form of loan available in India is Gold Loans.

The Indian Financial Infrastructure is highly dependent on the financial leverage provided by the nationalized government and private sector banks in the form of money loans provided to the public. The facility of availing these loans help people to gather venture and seed capital for their entrepreneurship purposes.

Gold Loan is one of the most popular forms of loan available in the Indian Financial System. In Gold Loan, a person can avail a loan by pledging their gold jewellery and ornaments to the bank. The amount of loan received is a percentage of the market value of the loans that are kept as a pledge to the banks. Gold Loans are very secure thereby helping the consumer with an immediate cash need to either tide over a financial crisis they are undergoing or a huge amount of money they require for starting a new business venture.

How to avail the gold loan?

In the case of cash loans, some minimum eligibility criteria are required to be met for the person who is interested in availing of the facility. For example, the person who is looking to avail of the Gold Loan has to show his income statement and CIBIL scores to the bank. If the bank finds that his income statement shows a balancing figure that indicates that the person will not be able to repay the loan in time, it is the bank’s discretion whether to provide a loan to the customer or not.

On the other hand, if the bank finds that the customer has a discrepancy in the CIBIL score indicating that he is not particular with his or her habit of paying loans, the bank can withdraw the facility. However, with the Gold Loan, there are no such deliberations. Any businessman, servicemen, worker, housewive, or a consenting adult with the possession of gold can avail the facilities of a Gold Loan.

The amount of interest to be paid is nominal, the customer can spare a bit of the money and use it to immunize money into the economy through the cycle of speculation and utilization. In this way, it keeps up the injectible level of capital investment in the economy achieving adjustment in the deflationary condition and enables the economy to recuperate from quite a recessionary stage.

Interested clients who go to the banks to separate credits at nominal paces of revenue need to keep resources as records of individual security. This guarantees that the bank has made a protected exchange as the obligation of keeping the individual resources in the bank guarantees that the borrower would not submit any demonstration of phoney. Besides, it likewise guarantees that the purchaser or borrower is obligated for the cash that he has acquired from the banks.

Eligibility of a gold loan

In the case of Gold Loan per gram, the tenure provided varies according to the policies mandated by the public sector and the private sector banks providing the loan. Generally, the loan tenure ranges from a period of 3-12 months. Thus the user should pay regular interests and be particular about the payment of the instalment and the principal amount along with the interest at the time of repayment.


The above discussion thus gives a vivid idea about Gold Loan and identifies the category of person who can avail it. Gold Loan is thus a very advantageous form of leverage regulation.

How to Lower Your Cable TV and Internet Bill?

Cable TV bills have seen a spike in recent years. All researches and reports show that these bills have grown faster than inflation. The increasing prices meant that people turned their attention towards other means of family and individual entertainment. The emergence of streaming devices and various streaming services diverted the public attention towards themselves.

Nevertheless, when you cut the cable, you tend to subscribe to various other services, which leads to a spike in the internet bills. Therefore, instead of cutting the cord, contact your cable TV provider and add limited live TV options. Getting back cable TV does not mean that you keep paying a higher price than you should.

Let go of the extras
Start with scanning your cable TV bill. Identify all the costs that count as premium services. Extra movie channels, unwanted premium programming, etc. Take a minute to think about their costs and evaluate if you can live without them.

Many people think that cutting down on your services is a good idea. It may sound like a good idea but it isn’t. Talk to a service representative in detail before you decide to cut your home phone loose, thinking your mobile is enough.

There is one service you cannot imagine living without: the internet! No one is suggesting that you get rid of it. Just assess the internet speed that you really need. More often than not, people get an internet connection just because faster sounds good. Chances are you have a faster connection than what you need and are paying much more than you should. Assess, think, and change, if necessary. Getting a slower internet connection that aptly fulfills your needs will significantly lower your bill.

Eliminate Rental fees
Checking your cable bill can reveal a lot of new information. While you’re at it look for the heading that says, Equipment Rentals. That’s one thing that you keep paying for but you shouldn’t. No matter what provider you subscribed to, all will use some equipment and most use a similar type. So, this is a place where you can bring down your bill.

Most providers will charge something around $8 for an internet router. Now, this you can easily avoid. Get to the providers’ website and look for a compatible router and invest in it once and for all. You can easily get one in about $60. This way you save a little bit of money. Small components will form up a decent amount at the end of the year.

Bundle up
We’ve briefly talked about this in the first suggestion. Almost every household uses cable TV, internet, and phone. Why not get all from a single provider. Bundling them together will give you a lot of ease and comfort. More importantly, it gets you to save a decent amount of money.

Most providers offer amazing deals when you bundle their services. The most popular bundle is combining the internet with cable TV. Getting internet alone costs around $30 (depending upon the provider and your connection speed) getting cable TV from a separate provider will cost at least the same. That takes the cost up to $60. Get both from the same provider and you can easily get it for $39. That is a solid $21 saving every month. For instance, Spectrum Select Package costs starting at $44.99 per month and give you access to the internet with speeds of up to 940 Mbps, cable TV with a variety of more than 200 channels, and crystal-clear phone service with the facility to make unlimited nationwide as well as long-distance calls.

Ask for a discount
Almost all providers offer special discounts. Chances are there is a special offer or deal available in your area. You need to make a call and specifically ask if there’s such an offer up for grabs. If there’s none, then ask for a discount. Make sure you’ve done your research and know what they offer. If everything fails, call your existing provider and ask for a discount, the last thing they want is their client walking away from them.

Wedding Planning Consultants – Protection from Hair Loss

Is it really necessary to hire a wedding planning consultant? Many people have successfully planned and implemented their weddings on their own, but many of these same people probably would not have done all the planning themselves if they had it to do over again. Planning a wedding is a huge task. We all know that, but most of us do not really know how massive the task is until we are facing the task ourselves. That is where a wedding planning consultant comes in.

Indeed, when a bride first begins to think of wedding planning, the process may seem quite straightforward, but it’s when you really begin to get into the meat of it that you see how many little details there really are. Even a fairly small and intimate wedding can be overwhelming. There is everything from invitations, caterers, and wedding cake design to more complicated issues if you are planning a theme wedding. But an experienced wedding planning consultant is like a conductor at a symphony. They know from experience just what to put where and have proved over the years to have the temperament to be able to juggle all the details without going insane.

Moreover, a wedding planning consultant can help with many aspects of a wedding that you may never have even thought of. They can create the perfect wedding that you have always imagined, and at the same time they know enough about how the wedding industry works to give you suggestions that can help keep the cost at a minimum.

With a theme wedding it may be even more important to hire a consultant because all the rules change. We have all been to dozens of weddings that looked pretty much the same to know what the basic elements are, but planning a themed wedding changes the elements of a wedding and in doing so, changes the questions you have to ask. Without a wedding planner that is experienced in orchestrating themed weddings brides often end up with a traditional Victorian that bears little resemblance to the theme apart from one or two details in the wedding.

Wedding planning consultants take care of most all the details for you, from helping you pick out just the right invitations to go along with your chosen theme, to helping you decide what hair style goes best with your gown, and which hair stylist to use. Likewise, an experienced consultant will be able to take care of the details with the pastry chef and florist so that you do not end up with multiple clashing shades of the colors you have chosen for your wedding.

But a wedding planning consultant does more than take care of the details. Along with the size of the ribbons and the color of the icing the planner often serves as a therapist when the bride is overwhelmed, budgeting expert, and mediator when things go wrong. Furthermore, a good, experienced wedding planner is thoroughly versed in the religious practices of a wide variety of belief systems and as such is thoroughly equipped to guide a bride through potentially unfamiliar territory.

If you do decide to take on the job of wedding planning yourself, remember to create a 12 month checklist of all the to dos that you will have to attend to. It’s a big job and in today’s busy world your stress level and therefore the reduced strain on your relationship might make hiring a wedding planning consultant worth the time and money.